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The Artisans

My name is Robert Woodside, called after my Grandfather, (same name), who was an orphan, born circa 1890 and spent his early years in a Quarrier Home.


He later moved to Bothwellhaugh, a mining village, where he worked, before the Great War intervened!!  He joined the H.L.I. (The Highland Light Infantry), and fought in the Battles of Loos and Mons, in Belgium (1915), and finally in the Battle of the Somme.  He was gassed during this battle, his lungs burned, and was very lucky to survive.  After spending a year in a French Military Hospital, recuperating, he was eventually brought back to Britain and spent the rest of his working life, underground, in the Pits of Lanarkshire!! 


I decided to write something dedicated to his memory, and for all the young men who fought in the Great War.  My good friend Brian Lawlor, and myself decided to make this musical offering, with the help of some fine musicians, to make the Trilogy of the Somme, in their memory, and hopefully raise some funds for Service Personell, both past and present, who still need our help, after the guns have ceased firing.