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The Artisans

The Artisan Project is a new band, comprising of Rab Woodside & Brian Lawlor, ably assisted by

Scott Burns – vocals
Leanne Hood – backing vocals
Alana Wilson – backing vocals
Jack Bell – keyboards
Dave Walker – lead guitar
Benny McCormick – voice over


Our first musical collaboration is called “Trilogy of the Somme”.
(l) Marching to the Somme
(ll) The battle & the Angel
(lll) Aftermath


I wrote these three songs to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of that Horrific Battle, on July 1st 1916, my own Grandfather took part in the Battle and was lucky to survive.

This is dedicated to all the young men who were there, especially to all the young Lads who never came home. All still lying together in Flanders Fields..........


Heroes, each and every one, God bless them all.  

R. Woodside.

The Artisans